The Reton range

The Reton assortment contains ventilation products that are suited for the Nordic climate. With our products, you can get a well-functioning ventilation in your home.

The range includes fans, vents, air valves, grilles and ductings.

Fans for a healthy wet room
Good ventilation is a must in bathrooms and wet rooms,
if you want to avoid damp and mould.

Fresh air into your home with air supply vents
Fresh air needs to be able to enter the building if you are to ensure well-functioning ventilation in the home.

Valves and grilles
Reton provides supply air valves, exhaust valves and air transfer grilles.
Grilles are also available as an accessory, in different materials and shapes,
for both interior and exterior use.

Reton’s various ductings are suitable for use in several different areas.

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